Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BOB PAUCEK: American Field 2013 Legend of the Game

American Field 2013 Legend of the Game
Presented by Ryan Frame (R)
at the 2013 Grand National Steak Fry Dinner
Berlin, NH   Last week the American Field Grand National Grouse Championship (field trial) took place over in New Hampshire. The location for this championship rotates around the country and this year it returned to New England.

John and I were invited to the annual "Grand National Steak Fry" dinner which was sponsored by Purina. We went because a very dear friend, Bob Paucek, was to be honored there. The White Mountain Chalet was the location of the formal dinner where indeed, mouth watering steaks were the top far served along with a myriad of well prepared food items, including cheese cake for dessert!

We met up with friends Kelly Short, Bruce & Penny Burnell, and of course Bob & Pat Paucek.  I think Bob was surprised to see us there because he had absolutely no idea of the honor which was to be bestowed upon him. Everyone had worked hard to keep it a secret.

Several announcements, awards, and recognition were given to various handlers and their dogs. Being a Brittany person involved mostly with AKC events I didn't know very many people there personally.  I did say  hello to Craig Doherty from Pointing Dog Journal. John is Vice President of the Maine Bird Dog Club and knew many who were there including John Stolgitis, Ryan Frame, Joe Dahl, and Lloyd Murray.

When it was time for the "2013 Legend of the Game" award to be given the eyes of everyone sitting at our table were all on Bob, watching his reaction closely.  Ryan Frame began the presentation by saying:

"Born October 18, 1927 into a dog trainers family, he started training in 1955 at age 16 for Arthur Stackpool in Massachusetts.  Until his dad passed on he was a cook at Westbrook College, also helping his father train dogs. Afterwards he began training dogs full time and purchased land and build a new kennel for boarding and training. About the early 70's he became involved with the Maine Bird Dog Club.  Bob went on the Board of Directors in 1974 and has been a director ever since.  He chaired the first spring trial in Scarborough, Maine, later found and laid out wild bird dog grounds at Calais where the  first trial was October 4&5 1974.  He discovered Brownfield Management Area while riding his motorcycle to Fryeburg Airport.  He helped develop these grounds for the first field trial there. He chaired many trials between Scarborough and Brownfield until Brownfield became the official grounds for the Maine Bird Dog Club.  In 1977 he brought the idea of wild bird grounds closer to Brownfield. With the help of Biologist Boizenhardt and Bob Sanderson they laid out 3 wild bird courses on what we (MBDC) call "The Island" where the first wild bird trial was held in 1982.  That led in 1987 to the Northern New England Woodcock Championship in 1987 that is dedicated to him today."

Not being a big trailer himself, Bob strongly promotes and supports the sport and the sport of hunting.  In the 70's he started going south to train in the winters, with his own place now in Barnwell, SC.  He has trained all breeds of bird dogs, judged AKC hunt tests and many field trials and was always ready with his Kubota, donating his time to make ready "the course for the love of the sport and is still doing it today.  Named as a legend in 2013".

As Ryan finished reading the plaques inscription Bob went forward and accepted his award.  We  all stood and applauded this humble yet deserving man as he was recognized as the "American Field 2013 Legend of the Game". 
A copy of Bobs 2013 Legend of the Game plaque will be displayed with the Grouse Trial memorabilia at the Bird Dog Museum and Field Trial Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, Tennessee. There is a section in the Hall of Fame devoted exclusively to the "Legends of The Game." Congratulations Bob, you deserve this honor!
John and Ann Short
Maine Hunting and Sporting Dog Owners
J&A's Brittanys
Acton, Maine