Monday, April 15, 2013

ANTI-BREEDING Propaganda Surrounds Maine LD 1239

Several years ago animal welfare legislation was heavily influenced and changed by animal rights group working hard in Maine. Many of those changes only served to complicate current laws, while putting added restrictions on all breeders and/or owners of multiple dogs.  LD 1239 is an opportunity to make positive changes, on behalf of all responsible dog owners and ethical breeders in the state of Maine. SUPPORT this bill and PLEASE do what you can to encourage others to do so.
The hearing is tomorrow for LD 1239 "An Act To Clarify, Streamline, and Promote Fair Animal Welfare Laws"

Tuesday, April 16th
10:00 A.M.
Room 214 - Cross Building at the State House

As the anti breeding propaganda is being spun today here are a few things that this bill is NOT about:

  • It is NOT anti-animal welfare legislation
  • It will NOT make Maine a prime location for 'puppy mills' [sic] to set up operations
  • It was NOT submitted by a dog breeder
  • It is NOT long and convoluted, but the changes are simple and serve to provide CLARITY to the current laws
  • It will NOT prevent routine inspections of licensed breeding kennels
  • It will NOT cripple the abilities of humane agents, ACO's etc. to legally investigate abuse, neglect, cruelty complaints
  • It will NOT allow unlicensed, uninspected, kennels and/or breeders to sell as many puppies as they wish
  • It will NOT prevent national, regional organizations from assisting in disaster situations or to raise funds
Your presence is encouraged and welcome at the hearing tomorrow. Testimony in support of this bill would be appreciated. If you can't give it personally, forward a written copy to the clerk (below).

Personall contacting the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, Forestry asking them to vote in SUPPORT of this bill is encouraged. Call them or email them today!!!

Tell them you are in favor of making Maines current animal welfare laws easier to understand for responsible dog owners, especially those who own multiple dogs.

Your message can be forwarded to the clerk who will share with the entire committee:
Are any of the following your representatives? If so, contact them personally. Senator Troy Dale Jackson (D-Aroostook), Chair Senator James A. Boyle (D-Cumberland) Senator Roger L. Sherman (R-Aroostook) Representative James F. Dill (D-Old Town), Chair Representative Peter S. Kent (D-Woolwich) Representative Craig V. Hickman (D-Winthrop) Representative Brian L. Jones (D-Freedom) Representative William F. Noon (D-Sanford) Representative Robert J. Saucier (D-Presque Isle) Representative Dean A. Cray (R-Palmyra)* Representative Donald G. Marean (R-Hollis) Representative Russell J. Black (R-Wilton) Representative Jeffrey L. Timberlake (R-Turner)

John and Ann Short
Maine Hunting and Sporting Dog Owners